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Elevate Your Business with Enhanced Sales Funnel Optimization

In the fiercely competitive world of small and mid-sized businesses, having multiple phone numbers can be a game-changer for optimizing your Sales Funnel. These inbound phone numbers serve as crucial touchpoints, allowing customers to effortlessly connect with your business. At RPM Computing, we offer an affordable business phone system that enables you to easily direct calls using low-cost, customized numbers. Let’s explore the numerous benefits of having multiple numbers and how it can elevate your business to new heights.

Gain Insights into Lead Generation

By assigning unique phone numbers to different marketing tactics, you can track which strategies generate the most leads. With this valuable data, you can focus your efforts on the most effective channels, maximizing lead generation and increasing your customer base.

Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Utilizing separate numbers for various marketing campaigns enables precise measurement of their performance. Analyze call volumes and durations to gauge the success of each initiative, allowing you to make informed decisions and refine your marketing strategies for better results.

Flexible Call Routing

At RPM Computing, our business phone system offers the flexibility to direct incoming calls wherever you desire. Implement call forwarding to ensure calls reach the right departments or individuals promptly, boosting efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Protect Your Privacy

Our system allows you to keep your personal number private by utilizing separate business numbers. This not only maintains a professional image but also safeguards your personal communications, giving you peace of mind while building strong business relationships.


Don’t let communication inefficiencies hold your business back. With RPM Computing’s business phone system, you can effortlessly track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and optimize your Sales Funnel. Whether it’s a Facebook ad, your website, or your business card, our system empowers SMBs to thrive and succeed. Take control of your communication strategy today and revolutionize your business. Call us at 256-870-8850 to explore how our business phone system can boost your success.
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