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Enhance Your Online Privacy and Security with IronVest

Abine, a leading security company, offers an impressive browser and mobile app known as Iron Vest. This innovative tool includes a powerful masked email generator, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of anonymous addresses that forward emails to their real accounts. I’ve been using this product (formerly called Blur) daily, for over 5 years. In this post, we’ll delve into how Iron Vest works and explore its remarkable features, such as masked credit cards, a password manager, and a free masked phone number. Additionally, we’ll touch upon Abine’s privacy service, Delete Me, which removes personal data from search engine databases. Let’s dive in and discover how Iron Vest can enhance your online privacy and security.


Masked Email Generator:

Iron Vest’s standout feature is its masked email generator, designed to safeguard your personal and work email addresses. Many websites require an email address before providing valuable information about their services. By utilizing Iron Vest’s masked email generator, you can obtain this information without compromising your primary email accounts.


How It Works:

Iron Vest effortlessly recognizes when a website requests an email address. It promptly offers a selection of anonymous email addresses for you to choose from. Once selected, all incoming email is forwarded to the email account of your choice. Even the free version of Iron Vest allows you to associate with one mailbox, making it incredibly convenient. As an example, I opted to use an old Yahoo account that had been overrun by spam for years. Now, all emails from that website are directed to my selected email address until I decide to disable or delete the masked email.

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Protection Against Marketing Emails:

Iron Vest acts as a shield, safeguarding your primary email account from the inevitable influx of marketing emails that arise when you explore companies or services but are not yet ready to provide your real email address. Personally, I find masked emails particularly useful during trade shows, as they effectively prevent weeks of solicitation emails flooding my inbox. With the free version you can forward all masked email to one account and toggle off to stop forwarding when you no longer want communications. I pay for the ability to forward to three mailboxes: work, personal, junk.



Additional Features:

Aside from the masked email generator, Iron Vest offers an array of other impressive features:

  1. Password Manager: Iron Vest includes a robust password manager that ensures the security of your online accounts. It simplifies the management of multiple passwords, keeping them secure and easily accessible when needed. It works through a web browser plugin (free) and synchronizes with an app on your phone
  2. Masked Credit Cards: With Iron Vest, you can generate masked credit card numbers, providing an additional layer of protection when making online purchases. This feature safeguards your sensitive financial information and reduces the risk of identity theft or unauthorized transactions.
  3. Free Masked Phone Number: Iron Vest even provides a free masked phone number, allowing you to maintain privacy when providing contact information online. This feature is invaluable in protecting your personal phone number from unwanted calls or messages. When a website form asks for your phone number, just use the masked phone number. Any texts or voice calls will forward to your mobile phone (or other number you choose) and like the masked email you can turn off forwarding anytime.

Delete Me Privacy Service:

In addition to Iron Vest, Abine offers the Delete Me privacy service. With Delete Me, Abine’s expert team effectively removes personal data from search engines that have stored your information in their databases. This comprehensive privacy service provides an extra level of protection, ensuring that your online presence remains secure and private.

Iron Vest by is a remarkable tool for enhancing online privacy and security. With its masked email generator, password manager, masked credit cards, and free masked phone number, Iron Vest offers a comprehensive suite of features to safeguard your digital life. Additionally, Abine’s Delete Me service is a valuable asset in removing personal data from search engine databases. Take the time to explore Iron Vest and experience the peace of mind that comes with enhanced online privacy and security. Abine is worth checking out for anyone concerned about protecting their personal information in the digital realm.

I hope you like it as much as I do. Let me know if you’ve found something you like better!

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