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Staying Cyber-Secure: Lessons from Social Media Scams and Email Threats

I hope you’ve received Cyber Security Awareness Training at work, as IT departments have been rolling it out for years. Being vigilant when clicking email hyperlinks is crucial for your own safety, your company’s security, and your connections’ wellbeing, including family and friends.

Let’s discuss social media and cybersecurity. Recently, I encountered a scam through a LinkedIn connection. I hadn’t been diligent about screening invites, but I typically prefer knowing people before accepting requests. However, I let someone in without much thought, giving them access to my activity, posts, and connections.

The scam followed a familiar pattern. The scammer researched me, found my connections, and sent me an email with a malicious link, disguising it as a job posting. Though tempted, I resisted clicking the link, checked the reply address, and confirmed it wasn’t from my friend’s email. Trusting my gut instinct, I deleted the email after blocking the unusual domain.

To recognize potential email threats, watch out for:
– Emails from infrequent contacts
– Unusual spelling and grammar errors
– Urgency pushing you to click embedded links
– Unrecognized email addresses

Remember the motto “Trust but verify.” If unsure about an email or text, call the person directly. Everyone appreciates caution. Stay vigilant!


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